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Poker in the back room of the Metropole.  At stake—a fortune in Nazi gold and the lives of refugees waiting to be shipped to the Soviet Sector for liquidation.

At the table, NKVD officer Svetlana Yugrina, gambling for a chance at a vast fortune and a new life in the West.  Across from her, ex-OSS Captain William Reed, playing for the life of Ludwig Stern, his long-time informant.  Beside Reed, five volunteers, each playing cards with the life of another refugee at stake.

The rules are simple.  Win the tournament, and the treasure is yours. Lose, and your refugee dies.

No. Limits.

Ludwig Stern

 Rudolph Gernsbeck

Liesl Halder

Jehan Lamaire

Henryk Halder

Eric Wisemann

Pia Koch


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